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Third Reich Time Travel Theory
There are plenty of theories of Nazi's able to travel back and fourth the time. I am not sure how much weight they do have into this. But based on what we have found out there seems to be lot of interest of the third reich into paranormal and the other supernatural forces. So the issue only in this theory is that reich was not able to document this or maybe we don't have acccess to this tyep of theory. So there are plenty of puzzling questions left unanswered. 

So consdering there are lot of theories on the Nazi research on the time travel. Do you think third reich had access to the time travel? And do you think they have managed to put that stuff in our future through some sort of propaganda? Maybe running government without us knowing it?
I have seen movies made on this subject, with some Nazi that traveled in time and killing people. This is stupid, no one can control time or travel through time. If someone could do something like this because of their technology I would expect Americans to travel through time, not the Nazi!
You did not demonstrate that there was significant Nazi research into time travel. You just said there was. Please cite your sources.

Furthermore, I can't help but notice Hitler lost the war. At absolute best (for him) he escaped to South America and lived a quiet, if frustrated life. More likely, he killed himself in the bunker. That does not sound like the fate of a man who had access to time travel. I'm nowhere near as charismatic as Hitler and I'm pretty sure I could easily become a god, for all practical definitions, had I access to such technology.
This is not a theory I actually support, even if I like the idea of time travel, which I always found a intriguint theme. Too bad, I also think that time travel doesn't fit in any of the conspiracy theories out there since it's impossible... We would already know something about it, don't you think? The Nazis surely had their secret, but I don't think time travel was one of those.

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