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Did the world already ended?
You know, there a lot of topic and theories about how and when the world will end. In the year 1000? Nothing happened. The 2000? Nothing as well. 2012? Don't make me laugh.
But then... what if the world actually already ended, in a way we don't realize yet? I'm not saying we are already dead and living in some kind of hell or limbo, but think about it... What clue do we have to think that the world is still going? We almost have no more resources, the situation in general is really bad and we have no idea about where we are going.
Maybe this end is something we cause, or something that happened naturally.
What do you think? The end was nearer that we thought?
I must say that what you stated is a great way of putting things. Not only are we running out of resources but look at all of the wars that are going on in the world and the citizens of the United States reallly do not see all of the turmoil that goes on in the world. The world just may have ended and we are still here waiting until it completely ceases to exist. And of course what happens after that. We will never know until that pint is reached.
It is humorous how people predict the end of the world as if they were aware when the world was created or should I say that probably they contributed in the creation of the world. I do not subscribe to this idea of the world ending any moment in the future because I have this feeling that the world is here to exist for a very long time considering that numerous attempts made by so many people to predict the end of the world came to nothing and they all ate their words of false prophecies.

I think the end of the world is an individual experience in the sense that once someone is dead is when the world of that person has ended and not necessary that there would be a time when the world would just come to an end for everyone.
Definitely not! Because we are all here and nothing major happened in the last decade where many said the world will end. I remember 2012 a movie about the end of the world. It did not happen in 2012. The watchtower organizations claim about the end of the world also failed to deliver.

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