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Do you believed alien exist among us?
i believe in that alien is exist even if we dont see it their are all watching us they did not show their self because there are different to us they are absolutely have a advance technology. A universe is so big so maybe they have their own solar system and maybe they have also a human being  live there together with aliens. they are some photos and video shared by some people who captured unidentified object maybe they just want to visit planet earth but they cant stay too long because they dont like oxygen.
I think it is possible that alien do exist. I've seen and read different alien theories that are really mind buggling. Even those who shows different places that exist since the early age which have different construction that no one can answer on how the early people we're able to construct so perfectly that even today it would be hard for the best engineers and architects to construct. You can check (ancient aliens history) for ref. There are lots of sightings that are recorded though not proven i still believe it can be true. We have a very large universe it is impossible that earth is the only one who have a living creature. Even in our deepest ocean there are creatures who have just been discovered and i'm sure there are more that will be discovered soon. So if even on our own planet there are living creatures we don't know about what more outside earth.
With the knowledge of other planets existing aside the earth planet in which we live, I strongly believe in the existence of aliens. There is a possibility that they might have been here or on other planets before the existence of man or probably they are in other planets watching how the earth evolves. 

So, I know for sure that we are not the only ones occupying the planets. But how to see these aliens or identify when they drop down on earth is a question I am yet to see answered fully.
I don't believe in alien. alien are like mermaids. They are all just imaginations. But some movies make us believe in alien. and there is a different kind of alien. even though I don't believe in alien, I just think for something that maybe on another planet there is some creature that also lives like us. I wonder if do they also have a corrupt politics in there? haha  Huh Blush
While it's statistically very probable that aliens do exist, I don't think there's good reason to believe they walk among us in any form. There are simply too many hard-science reasons why you cannot hurtle through space, ballistically, at an appreciable-enough percentage of the speed of light to get anywhere in a meaningful amount of time. Concepts like wormholes do have some minimal scientific support, but they are only theorized to exist on the extreme microscopic level. Because of this, I think we do ourselves a logical disservice by validating our belief in alien visitation by making the common claim that, "suitably advanced science is indistinguishable from magic." This claim is untrue because we know much about the nature of the universe, including the limitations of moving about in it.
Universe is way too big to believe Earth is the only civilized planet. In the same way we grew up with this body, according to this planet conditions, in the same way another life forms, must had grew up under another planet's conditions. Different yes, but life anyway. Also, some may be more advanced, and some others still developing as we did and will do. If some have come and checked us out, that is a posibility. Just look at us, we already checked the moon, now checking Mars, and we want to go out there to keep searching and discovering, they can have the same curiosity.
(08-27-2017, 02:14 AM)centurion Wrote:
(08-26-2017, 10:14 PM)jaysolano12 Wrote: I half believed that, we are alien to this world, and replace the old human species. Humans, in recent year involve the technological evolution, but not physical, in some documentaries, we were inbreed to older human and manipulated our DNA into higher intelligence. Other people claimed that, they saw alien walk among us, and watching us already. Most of us think that, they are paranoid into this matter, but I think we should consider that, theres a big chance they already did. When we look into the sky, in just 1 universe, a vast universe contain a billion of galaxy and within the galaxy consist millions of planet, only in this bases, we could assume alien do exist.


On the Holly Quran- The great creator had been described on a sentence that -" I had been created Jin and Insan for my pray". Here JIn means another world species and Insan means Human. Great creator said to pray always for getting heaven from this world. Once we all were in the secret place of great creator as a soul. Later the great creator gave us permission to come in this world by parenst and Now we are in this world. This world will be finish. I mean there is no guarantee in this world that any body will stay for 200 years or for 300 years. We must have to leave this world on any age. After leaving this world the great creator again will take my soul and will ask me how did I have passed this world time? If I had well than I will go to heaven. If I were bad than I will be select for hell. 

So we have to good work every time. The Jin and Jenus (Male and female of another species) - they can became human of any time. The great creator had been gave this power. Basically they come in this world for pray only. They search prayer land always- Like mosque, Church or any religious place to pray to the great creator.

Yes, brother, i second your thoughts on this one. There are so many species that still needs to be discovered on this earth.Even if tell you that there are hundreds of types of Jin that live among us and are commonly called as paranormal beings.Similarly, Animals that are yet to be discovered are all aliens to us.
Hi, Jaysolano12 I agree with you about this topic, there is a huge universe and is impossible for us to be the only species alive. Thre must be some other species to live on a planet, and I am sure the alien exist among us, they are not only observing us I think they are here to help us evolve and make great discoveries.
I have seen how our technology evolved very fast, and I think that was possible only with an outside help!
This is such a good forum. Now I have found a good venue to share my thoughts about extraterrestrials. Yes, I believe aliens have lived among us even before everything in this world existed. I watched a lot of videos showing strong evidences that aliens have helped humans to build spectactular structures and these aliens were considered gods by humans. I watched Ancient Aliens and they were claiming that the bible also has evidences that aliens have visited us. Pyramids of Egypt, Nazca Lines, The Lost city of Atlantis, Stonehenge and many more are just some of the structures built by man with the assistance of aliens. Imagine if Aliens would show themselves just like that, how would man react?
Yes I do!

I love watching ancient aliens and other tv programs that talks about the possible existence of alien life within our world, it definitely open my eyes in that possibility and I'm sure they are lurking as we live our daily lives.

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