Poll: Do you Agree alien exist?
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Do you believed alien exist among us?
I'm not sure what they look like. I mean the problem is that when you ask people whether they believe in aliens, they base their ideas on whether they think creatures like those shown in films are real. I do believe that aliens exist but I don't think they will look as scary or as weird as some films show them to be (like Aliens Vs Predators or even ET lol  Big Grin ). We live on a tiny little planet compared to the size of the whole universe. Think about how much of the universe we just haven't discovered yet. It just would make sense that there are some aliens out there somewhere. Maybe they look like us. Maybe there are humans on some other planet, but I guess they would still count as aliens.
It is also a conspiracy theory long ages ago was presented and secretly documented by someone. Its terrifyi g and scary to know if it is true. We do 't know what they are and what are their intentions here if it is true.
The vast space is so huge that none of us could even ever imagine where the start and end is. If human exist and animals simply developto what they are today. Then life in other planets could possibly exist. Rare organisms and species are discovered from time to time. With the help of science slowly we get to understand how evolution begin but again it needs a lifetime study and discovery. If this is possible then we should not take out the possibility that it could also happen to other universes or planets. Because of the habitat that we live in and the things we eat makes our features. I couldn't barely imagine how they would look like. But I still believe that in time our paths will come across and by that time all these questions will be answered. Hopefully for good and not a possible domination of worlds.
There are studies,research and documentaries that is trying to prove that aliens exist but for me it does exist only in our wild imaginations. In the book of Genesis esp the firtst chapter, God only created man,animals,plants etc but it does not include aliens. Maybe I'm not thinking too much outside the box like researchers and scientist do and I respect them. I am settled just with us human beings as the highest form of God's creation.
As much as I would love to believe such a thing, I don't believe they're dwelling among us. I mean common, nothing has been proven yet that they do exist. Though I am aesthetic for extraterrestrial documentary's, I can't fully acknowledge their existence as of this moment. To see is to believe.

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