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Subliminal messages in movies and musics?
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I believe you may have read somewhere, heard from someone (some member of your family, friend, colleague, or simple strangers) or even watched a video about subliminal messages in movies and musics.

The messages are usually relatively dark, but never with clear content (which makes it impossible to know what their real function is). But the fact is that being true or not, they arouse people's curiosity because it's something intriguing.

What do you think about that?
Maybe some of them didn't notice their music being produced. Some instances, if you take it seriously it would possible might be. Others, intentionally to put some lyrics but in hidden text words. Those things creeps me out but who knows it's just coincidence. People become more aware such things but not necessary at all.
Sometimes curiosity and our imagination meet at once. Most of the time was just misinterpreted badly by everybody. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Actually in my experience, sometimes  I didn't notice those subliminal messages in movies or in music specially if i am consentrate in watching or in listening music.. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
it is like a secret message to the listener or viewers that some people didn't noticed at all, but me i see like they are trying to tell something beside the message of the story/music they are doing.
sometimes I don't noticed those messages especially in movies because I concentrate more on the movie but critics and critical people point them out.I'm like could this be true or it just our imagination.
You can see this subliminal messages most in Music videos. Only few viewers can saw this messages because they're focusing on the artist, lyrics and to the alluring visuals. We keep on watching this videos till we realize that we are on it. Addicted watching it over and over again until we memorize the lyrics slowly. Maybe it's just my imagination. Just sayin. lol Big Grin
There's no good evidence to suggest subliminal messages work in any way. There were attempts to use these types of methods during the MKUltra years through various media outlets but none of them ever bore fruit that we know of. I think rather than being concerned with subliminal messages, we should be focusing on the very real effects basic advertising can have on our perception of the world around us. Clever marketing can influence our decision-making skills simply by appealing to our emotions or using color and sound combinations which elicit neurologic responses in a purely overt manner. You can read about games like World of Warcraft using "Skinner Box" style game design philosophies which lead the player into an addiction-like relationship with their software! 

If there is any conspiracy to be had here, it's that we are encouraged to put the blame on phantom non-issues like subliminal messaging as a smoke screen for the very real forms of mind control we are subjected to every day through advertising. It's the perfect cover! It's been my experience that real conspiracies tend to use these remarkable notions to cover mundane crimes.
Some people see subliminal messages, some others just casual signs, but anyway all of them have some influence in a subconscious way. Don't you notice when you are driving, and a famous drink or fast food truck pass you by, and you feel the need to go an buy that drink or combo? That's exactly what your mind has been set for, to make you feel like you need those shoes, or make up, or anything that money can buy.
Do you mean the video "They Sold Thier Souls for Rock and Roll"  (available for free on YouTube, btw)?  Well, shockingly, that video comes across as basically truthful.  I mean, these rock stars, movie stars etc.. are creepy folks.  Obviously, they did sell out to get what they want.  For instance, look at the lyrics to Michael Jackson's Earth Song.
I don't really think that they effect people too much, however subliminal messages are everywhere, including the ads you see on TV and so on, they may have a certain impact on people, but nothing too serious. Personally, I find them very interesting, because in a way you can see how something that you don't even focus on can have an impact on you. It's not like they are hidden very well or anything, it's just that most people wouldn't really pay attention to something like that, because they are focusing on the artist/art.

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