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Once a spy... Always a spy?
I do believe that once a spy.. always a spy because the skills that you have acquired or learned would be natural to yourself. Maybe you won't see but it shows naturally
Spies, don't lose the information and skill asset they have when they quit being a spy. Most likely they change their identity and continue living normal lives after finishing their work. Most likely they wouldn't have trouble living as normal people, because working such a job you should be quite intelligent and know a lot of information about different subjects, so blending in and even succeeding shouldn't be a problem.
there are countries that send spy of different places to get some intel, Yes even a single piece of information as long as it can be use or can affect of their interest.
(08-27-2017, 02:49 AM)AlexJPro Wrote: Spys are dangerous at the moment because they can really harm anything they like without getting caught.
To this day I really don't think that espionage is this harmful but it definitely was in the past.

I still think it's a very dangerous field and it still hides many secrets (more than we - "normal" human beings - can imagine). It may not be as dangerous as decades ago, but it's definitely still something to be very careful about.

However, what really intrigues me is how those spies survive when they have to retire themselves (of their own accord - which I find very difficult to happen - or because they really don't serve the job anymore).
I think that once you enter into that dangerous world you can get out. It is like when you are a drug dealer. The reason why is because you met many people and not all of them want you alive or are someone who you can trust. Once you are a spy you will wind lots of enemies that you didn't know they existed. You will always be worried about your family safety because you don't trust anyone. It would be an exciting job but the consequences can be lethal.
I think most of them live quietly and do not engage in any kind of espionage. I know someone who was a courier for the CIA. He is enjoying living as a private citizen. He has no interest in doing any other kind of spy work. I don't blame him for this.
I'm not a spy, but it would be easy to see why espionage would be something which stays with you for a lifetime, because even if you do get out you'll still be on the lists and ready to be blackmailed to do more work - especially if you actually manage to meet your goals the first time. So it's not necessarily a thing you choose to do, but are forced to do. This is why I think that "once a spy, always a spy" is a very fitting term.
I dreamed once of being spy because it seems cool, interesting, adventourous and fun job where you have the government funding you also in the movies they always got the girl at the end which is very badass. Once a spy always a spy because maybe they will have a hard time of forgetting the job or the habit of being a spy so they will always find adventurous activities that they can do. 

I love watching Mission Impossible, James Bond, Spy next door and other spy movies. They are interesting since they do their job in secrets where they plan everything deducted any moves their target will do so it is actually interesting to have a job like that though it is very dangerous. I hope someday I would be a spy.
That is what they're trained and skilful for to look out and find things out which could be for good or for bad.Spies are always on a mission and until the mission is accomplished they don't relent.I think their world works with finding out things no mater how hidden.
I don't believe that once a spy always a spy because what if being spy was just part of their job or could be they don't have any choice because it their family or loved ones life in risk. Yes they are mysterious and dangerous but I think we don't have the right to judge them because behind them being a spy is a personal reasons why they did that.

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