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Once a spy... Always a spy?
(09-06-2017, 11:27 AM)Craon Wrote: I'm not a spy, but it would be easy to see why espionage would be something which stays with you for a lifetime, because even if you do get out you'll still be on the lists and ready to be blackmailed to do more work - especially if you actually manage to meet your goals the first time. So it's not necessarily a thing you choose to do, but are forced to do. This is why I think that "once a spy, always a spy" is a very fitting term.

What you said makes all sense, because throughout a lifetime acting as a spy you'll surely accumulate many enemies with each new mission completed. So. even if you're "physically" out of the market, you'll still be targeted in other ways.

I think being a spy is a no-return way.
Well, personally I think that yes once a spy always a spy. They might retire but once they do, they still keep the sharp instincts, scars and remember the lessons they were taught. They might take up a student to  train and pass on their knowledge or even still work a desk job by becoming an advisor to other spies
I think it's very probable that the higher your security clearance went the closer you are kept to the agencies you were involved with. I'm not sure I would characterize this as being a spy in perpetuity, but you're probably never truly done with the organization past a certain point of involvement. It would be a tremendous security risk to not keep tabs on these people.Think of all the damage a disgruntled former CIA higher-up could do if they really wanted to!

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