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Do you think that Illuminati controls the world?
Illuminati doesn't completely control the world but rather a part of it, especially information coming from media and influence over artists and songwriters. I am not quite sure as to how specifically Illuminati influences aspiring songwriters but those songwriters now have become famous and it is thanks to them.

I don't think it's possible to control the world. There are too many reasons for people not to go along with any singular plan, regardless of how well laid out it may be. The enormous amount of leaking we have coming out of the greater security apparatus and Washington D. C., here in the United States, is proof enough for me that even if there were a singular entity in control of everything that there's no way its machinations could possibly remain secretive. 

Having said that, I do absolutely believe there are very powerful individuals and group-entities who have an absurd amount of pull over political processes. While I do not believe our federal government is directly controlled, there does appear to be significant influence being put on key members of Congress. This is evidenced by the fact that they so frequently put huge private military contracts and corporate interests ahead of the needs of the populace.
I don't think that the Illuminati controls the world, they struggle and interfere in the world problems. I do think that this group has greater influences over the politicians and banking but I don't think they control the medicine, weather, life itself or food technologies.
I don't think so. Though they have a massive ecomonical background, they can only control the people and political sort of things. Obviously they have a control over the economical and business world (if Iluminati really exist). But they can't control the world, Almighty is the only one who can control the world. As of normal human, with lots of money and political power, they can never change or alter the nature. They can't neither resume the life of a dead person nor can create a single ant.
No, I don't think that Illuminati's control the world. If so, they could have stopped all wars from happening, or unless they are the ones who started it. Yes, they have the power to control all material things and one thing for sure I know of is they do not believe in God. They believe in the works of man, and that man has the power to change everything if you believe in their messages and words of enlighthenment. I am a believer of God and I have read so many articles about alilens and illuminatis that could have changed my faith but never I believe in man to control the world.
I am not so sure that just one group of people "rules the world". To answer or approach this question, look to where the money goes up and ends up. Banking systems who loine their pockets through the spoils of war and rampant industry most likely rule the world, if you ask me. All this being said, royal families and other "societies" have always tried to dominate the class struggle, and the poor tend to fight their battles for them.
I think Satan controls the world, and the Bible will confirm it.  Also, I believe in the existence of demons working on his behalf (roaming the Earth influencing people).  Anyway, you can be sure that I'm not going to dabble in the supernatural.  However, many musicians, movie stars, etc. have, hence the accusations of subliminal messages and whatnot.
for me no they can't control the world there is God. maybe for some famous leaders persnality athelete that they control to influence the people about their teaching. so we better be careful on who we look up to maybe they are fed up by illuminate members.
If they are controlling the world on there hands i guess they really does because most of the time things happen in such way that we can't imagen at all, this is like changing one part affects the entire system or by installing antivirus it can clean your computer or commonly removing one person may change the future.
What is Illuminati?
The best way to understand illuminati is through understanding first what is "al dajjal"
Al dajjal is an arabic word meaning "the false messiah, deceiver, liar.
His Mission is to take control of the world.
Illuminati is His Soldiers.
This group will prepare for the comming of the Dajjal.
He will gain power and will take control of the world but
he can not control those who believe. The true believers, those who
believe in the one true God (the God known also to dajjal)
This Topic has been documented and or with authentic written proof of his comming
by many Prophets in the History.
They have warned people with regards to Signs of the comming of Dajjal.
The clear sign is the secret movement of the illuminati.

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