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Do you think that Illuminati controls the world?
I dont think so, I'm not even sure if they truly exist on our generation. Most of the people on social medias thought that illuminati is a violent cult that this group worship the devil. Others said that this cult are composed of famous people that most commonly influence people like government officials and especially celebrities. Does being atheist means to worship devil right away?
In response to the question of "does the Illuminati control the world?," I would have to answer as to whether or not I believe the Illuminati exists.  I don't know if the Illuminati exists, but there is a great possibility that it does.  Does the Illuminati control the world?  My answer is a definitive no.  In my opinion, God has supreme control over everything, but he has given Satan supervised authority over this universe to do as he pleases.  In that instance, Satan could very well be behind the existence of the Illuminati and manipulate the key players.  The theory of the Illuminati theory has been dancing around for quite some time and if it sincerely was meant to be a secret, defecters would surely be silenced or be prevented from spreading the news of its presence.  I feel the long time myth that celebrities and those with great wealth have sold their souls to the Devil and the Illuminati are one in the same.
By "the world", I'm guessing you mean human society. 

There are many different factors that hold sway in too many different places for any one person, group or entity to hold sway over the entire species. 

The only thing I can think of that comes anything close to controlling our species is money, and the need for money to survive. Even the ruling classes need it to have the power over others they hold.
No it's just a theory. There are no concrete evidence and statements that this organization control the world. I read an article that state that the illuminati are slowly taking control of humanity. It said that there members are mostly influential to the community for example government officials, community leaders and especially celebrities.
I think illuminati do exist, there are some proofs that the group do exist.  Some of them are those people in  entertainment industry.
I don't know if they are illuminaties or who they are... but we are defently being controlled.

All the limitations that we see every day,terrorism, the way our society is constructed...

There's too much coincidences. In the ancient Rome, gladiator battles were ment to distract people. "Panem et Circensus", literally "bread and circuses". Did something of that changed? Think of the TV, Sports, gluttony.

The best way to control the people is to make them think that they are free. But we aren't.
I don't think there is only one organization that controls the world Illuminati or not. Every country has its own organization that has some power from the shadow, but not the full control over that country.
There is certainly a section of the population that faithfully believes in it, as if it were really a religion with some purpose (and I can't understand how this happens)... But I particularly think that this is all a great nonsense (with all my respect Rolleyes ​), they control absolutely nothing (except the mind of their followers Big Grin ).

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