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Do the elite have special powers?
I have seen how rich people kept prospering, building up new investments and not being that worried even when the situation of the country changes. The elite continues to make more riches while the poor struggle to even feed. This makes me wonder if the elite has special powers that make money attracted to them in a way the poor is yet to discover.

What do you think about this?
Maybe they have money, they have everything. They have powers to get what they want. But they don't have special powers. money can't buy it. only god has a special power. Money can't buy love, money can't buy real happiness. Being rich is not permanent, money is just a thing.

I think money buys meaningful freedom, and great wealth buys profound personal mobility. One need only take a precursory glance at who is staffed in key positions in a presidential cabinet, or who is lobbying congressmen at any given time, to know who is really reaping the benefits of those freedoms. It appears worse this year than I have ever seen it before in 35 years, but it is by no means new.

Given the scope of meddling in political affairs we can see easily on the surface, I think it then becomes dangerous to go around suggesting that the ultra-wealthy are somehow not normal. We need to understand that they are human beings. Mythologizing them only serves to cement their power as somehow intractable, an inevitable political structure we must accept out of hand. This is not so. They can and should be counter acted with extreme disregard for any partisanship. It doesn't matter if they act on behalf of conservative or liberal interests. It matters that they purchase extra-constitutional agency within our society.
They have the power that money can buy. Also, sure they meet a lot of well connected people, that can help them get trough many burocratic issues. Special powers? well, sure they can pay good money to build a super secure house, with all the modern gadgets and security items. They can have a custom vehicle, full protection, comfy, covered in gold if they want. Can pay for personal guards that will get a bullet for them. They have access to the best education ever, and traveling all over the world to experience all cultures, languages and people (this is what I envy for sure). But in the end they are regular common humans, put them in a desertic island, without all that money and connections, or what happens if they get terribly sick, no money can find a cure for it. They have power until they ran out of what money can brings.
Money makes the world go round so i believe being elite have the advantage. They are born rich so the people they know and socialize with are also rich. So they end up knowing the famous politician, artists and other known personality. So they can also end up having power in the government and other institutions. They have the money and contacts to make themselves known to public that can lead to being one of the powerful politician or one of the powerful entrepreneur. That's only power i think they have.
Of course, their power lies in their money, which gives them the ability to finance major projects that affect the global population and the economies it lives under. Still, I have heard rumors that a lot of the elite practice occult and ritualistic philosophies in order to cement their power and to enhance it. I have no proof of this, but I have definitely heard of stranger things. Either way, the ability to manipulate economies around the world is power, whether magic or the supernatural is involved or not.
for my opinion i don't believe they have powers maybe on money deadly weapons anything that can be bought by money they have powers also influencing others but not the super powers that super hero posses like a friction movie. they will also die like ordinary people no exemption.
I saw this reporter who roasted up a senator I think. I don't remember who's this reporter or the man he roasted up. But the story goes when the reporter went to a place where there are people gathered and some rituals were practiced. The video was posted. There is this weird sounds they make and a sacrificial thing in front. It just solidifies the evidence that there is some kind of group who does this and this people are not commoners. We know them. Maybe their power comes from an unimaginary helping god for them.
I don't think they have special powers but I think they have special connections.In my country if you are not connected to those in the upper class you're doomed,even to gain admission  to higher learning is a problem.It is that bad.So these elites only give opportunity to their likes.Take for example a school Professor will get his child into higher learning fast even as a dunce than an intelligient child,why?because of his position and the same thing will play out during job search.So they keep on having the best and it looks as if they have special powers.
The elites have money but no superpower.

You know what phrase: Money can't buy happines.
It is the same here...Money can't buy superpowers.
So don't worry man, they're also like us.

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