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Do the elite have special powers?
I think they do have special powers to convince people to follow them, powers lend by the devil. They have convincing powers in whatever they do, its a dangerous and frightening to know they can manipulate humans. I dont know much but that is what i know.
Yes, the power of greed. And there power came from the devil the one they are worshipping. Thats why they sacrifice innocent lives for their own good. like false flags. Angry
I don't think that the elite has super powers or use some special tricks to earn so much money, I think they work a lot and have experience and they see an opportunity to make money faster than us (sometimes we do not see the opportunity to earn at all). They have skills and experience, this is what makes the elite to earn money.
Special in the way that they have all the posible way to make things favorable to them in most of the time. This comes in a way of money, fame, politics this attributes give them such power to make and stay on the top of the society.
Yes, the power of greed. And there power came from the devil the one they are worshipping. Thats why they sacrifice innocent lives for their own good. like false flags. [Image: angry.png]
There is no special power for the elites, it's how they think that matters.  They think abundance and success and so they get it.  Each one of us have the ability to be what we would like to become.  We have the power to choose. Every morning upon wake up we have only two choices, either to be happy or sad, so what would you choose? The same thing with success.  If you want to become successful then control your thoughts.  How can you be rich if you always think poor?  How can you have lots of money if you always think lack? The mind is like a magnet and it always attracts the things that we feed in it.  So think beautiful and positive thoughts always and watch how your life eventually changed too.
The more money they gather the easiest it gets for them to achieve anything, and that would be their special power, people tend to give free stuff to the rich more than the poor, but I disagree with what has been said above, there are many kinds of money as Ayn Rand mentioned in her book Atlas Shrugged, the hard earned farmer money is not the same as the criminal or speculator money.
Well, the more money you have, the less you have to spend, it's funny, but if you read enough it is true. When you are wealthy and influential, you'll have enough connections to earn more money, the same goes for people who do not have as much, but have connections to people that do and can rise them to success, there might be a secret method, there are books such as "The Secret", so who knows.
I think rock and movie stars have above average talent - the source being the demonic realm. In that case, most people are going to be fooled into thinking they are "above average".   Well, actually, they are.  However, though, the idea that they sold out to achieve the ability makes them seem fake.  Nonetheless, some might argue God also gives above average ability to the anointed.  So is there anyone who is talented and interesting and of their own power?  Smile
In my opinion. Yes! They have special powers. Special power over government, special power over education, special power over the entertainment industry and on so many things thats because of their money and connection of certain people. But I don't think that they have special super powers like they can attract money. But again, who knows, maybe they have because some says that they worshipped the devil. No one really knows unless a member of the elite tells you.

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