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Do the elite have special powers?
I think They can buy anything in this world they can go wherever they want to go because they have money to use they can use there money as a power to get what they need but interms of super power nobody can have that its super power doesnt exist it only see in anime or in some movies but in real life is a big no
With wealth comes power. So yes they are powerful but they do not have super powers. There's just so much money can get you. It makes the world fall at your feet and they will do as your money yields and yes again that is modern day super power where you have a lot of people who are slaves to money.

Yeah, I don't think they have powers in the traditional sense of powers I just think that they have the power of being well connected that's all. In that sense, the effects are the same of having a super power. You can bend life's difficulties almost like you could if you had powers. While the ordinary man is left to struggle.
The elite do not have special powers beyond being born into families that are already wealthy. We live in a capitalist society that rewards and wildly elevates ownership and accumulation, not actual labor. The idea of wealthy people contributing most to society was engineered to keep working class people unaware of their own alienation from the products and services their labor makes possible. Wealthy people do not have the power of any god or any mystic property beyond money. They're born in the exact same way as everyone else, and they can die just as easily, too.

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