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The world will end in September?
I have read the other days a post on the Facebook social network about an asteroid that is expected to hit the earth between 15 - 25 September. They say that the asteroid will hit the earth in North America, and this news was posted by a newspaper as well.
It seems that people started to share this news and NASA had to make an announcement and to deny that an asteroid or any other terrestrial shape will hit the earth in the next hundreds of years.
What is your opinion about this, have you read this news?

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Thanks for writing this article on an end-of-the-world speculation that has grabbed more attention than some. Jesus not only said that no man can know the day or the hour, but also that He could return at any time. We need to remember that no amount of knowledge will allow us to get around the fact of imminency.

The “gospel in the stars” idea seems to come from cherry-picked data. Thanks for indirectly linking to another article: “Constellations: legacy of the dispersion from Babel”. I found the collection of data about the constellations very interesting. Not only do the ancient constellations fit with the latitude of Babel (between 30 and 40 degrees, depending on where one places Shinar), but they apparently date from c. 2200 BC, when the tower of Babel was built.
I don't believed such things, it happened back then that, in the year 2000, the world will be end, but nothing happens. There are a lot of such claims and then move into other prophecy again, which becomes no sense anymore. Only God knows, what and when gonna happen. I have speculations, it's a propaganda to make people confuse, and some opportunist wanted the people, to donate all their belongings to the preacher. It always happened in our place.
Who knows what will happen, maybe it might be true, or just another confusion to people. We should also analyze whose people spreading it and what is their purpose.
I don't believe the world will end in september, NASA keep on telling us beware asteroid will pass or hit the earth. No one knows how the world will come to an end and when it will come, only God knows.
It's really good to have a technology that will warn us on what will happen on that certain day or so. But it is also a disadvantage to strike fear to people. I don't believe in this anymore. I've been there. Thinking about how to save your life or do good everyday to save your soul. You'll never know when will that time will be and until that always continue what you desire in life.
Don't worry man, it's all just fake news.
I also get pranked by this but then i realised it's all fake.
I think its a lot of nonsense! Because theres no sign of it and the bible states that the world will end after the 2nd resurrection of the dead. Even now theres no 1st resurrection of the dead that died because of Christ, how can the world end? Even the nuclear problem cannot annihialate the whole world.

I think you are right, this is just a theory without a real support. I hate this kind of theories because all they do is to spread panic throw population, and what is disturbing is that some old people believe the stupid things they read in a newspaper.
Thank you for your answer!
This isn't the first time,each year peopple up with fake date all the time,I tend to believe the holy book that no body knows the time or day that the world would come to an end,so I  tend to believe this version.
Nah I think it's fake. Maybe, in the upcoming years but not on our generation. Remember the date Dec. 21 2012 ? A specific person predict that it may be the end of the world. Wayback 2012, I wait for the "END OF THE WORLD" Scenario because it seems true. Medias keep on broadcasting it on televisions and tell that it may be true because a famous prophet predicted it tend the peoples to believe it.
No one can know and predict the end of the world. 
I just know that if she break up with me my world will end.HAHAHAHA Big Grin just kidding

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