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The world will end in September?
I dont believed that the world will end this coming september. No one knows what's really gonna happen or how the world will end.
So many fake news before and I think this news is still the same, maybe there is "end of the world" those unexpected things that gonna happen but it's simply impossible to know with obsolute certainty.
Its impossible even the we dont need to predict what will happen later, tomorrow next week, next month or even on the next century no one can predict the truth of what will gonna happen to our planet the only thing we can trust for that is almight God all we can do is talk to him or just pray that keep our planet safe everytime
There's no need to fear that. The "asteroid will hit Earth" rumor starts up every few years. It's always a different date, and it always comes and goes. Asteroids swing in between the Earth and the Moon's orbit every few years, which is a very close shave, astronomically speaking. If there were anything appreciably large headed towards the planet right now, you'd already be able to see it in the night sky. There's no hiding something like that this close to impact. There's just too many amateur astronomers with their own equipment and no particular alliance to any government funded group.
I think doomsday theories have no weight. In past there were theories on the 2000 as end of the world. Then it came for the 2010 as the end of the world. And then things were saying like 2020 was end to the end of the world. Another thing is that earth has it's share of the asteroid. And often those are taken care by the drones. So this may not always going to affect the life on earth. Hopefully though we do find other means for the survival. But september is not going to be end. Atleat from what I know 2017 is not the end for us.
I thought the image you attached is a news from NASA or the government. Big Grin From where did you see the rumor again? Facebook? How come I haven't read that when I am mostly online everyday. :/ Anyway, guys, unless there is a global warning coming from the United Nations or your government, and if it is broadcasted by the major OFFICIAL news outlets, then you shouldn't just believe on it directly. That is why I don't follow or like any pages that isn't known or has credibility.
I don't believe in these kind of news. Because starting from my childhood, I am tired of hearing this kind of news. Most of the time they'll be all fake.

I strongly believe that only God knows when will the world comes to an end. we cannot predict that. Obviously, one day the world will come to an end, but not necessarily in this September ')
No one really knows when we'll reach the end of this world, I've been hearing about this since I was a child, it just doesn't make sense. Every few years something comes up, the mayan calendar in 2012, the asteroid in 2000, now this talk about Planet X.

When we read about things like these, we always have to verify the source because if we knew in advance of a disaster like this, people would try and do something, or you'll at the very least see it everywhere on the news.
(08-27-2017, 08:56 AM)Vastor122 Wrote: Thanks for writing this article on an end-of-the-world speculation that has grabbed more attention than some. Jesus not only said that no man can know the day or the hour, but also that He could return at any time. We need to remember that no amount of knowledge will allow us to get around the fact of imminency.

The “gospel in the stars” idea seems to come from cherry-picked data. Thanks for indirectly linking to another article: “Constellations: legacy of the dispersion from Babel”. I found the collection of data about the constellations very interesting. Not only do the ancient constellations fit with the latitude of Babel (between 30 and 40 degrees, depending on where one places Shinar), but they apparently date from c. 2200 BC, when the tower of Babel was built.

Yeah i would second your remarks on that the day is imminent but cant guess when its going to happen . Do not worry as the world won't end like the Mayans predicted .Although it would for sure come to an end at friday the 10th day of Muharram i.e Islamic religion.
This sounds extremely fake. An asteroid landing somewhere in North America does not make for a very convincing apocalypse for everyone else. I'm a lot more concerned with the effects of climate change significantly impacting humanity's existence. We have hurricanes and forest fires all over the world right now. They seem a lot more pertinent than a theoretical asteroid landing.
As much as I love a good conspiracy theory I think that some of them have gone too far. The world has nearly ended several times and we're still here to prove them all wrong. Still, I don't see this world ending soon. The purpose of human existence is suffering so we can learn and we have plenty of suffering to go around.

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