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The world will end in September?
This assertion makes me laugh because I know that this is never true. I know scientists can analyze and predict all they want but on the prospect of when the world would come to an end, they are clueless as at when it would be.

Even the Bible was specific on when God would destroy the world. All Christians just have faith that whenever it comes, their faith would see them through the salvation brought by the coming of son of God Jesus Christ.
I don't believe in any of these "end of the world" theories to be honest with you. Maybe one day, there will actually be some sort of an asteroid that hits Earth and we just dismissed it as some sort of stupid theory. But until that happens, I won't believe in any of these theories. The thing is that, if there was some sort of an asteroid or meteor that was headed towards Earth, then I'm sure an organisation like Nasa would be the first to know. And I'm sure they will make sure to let the whole world know. And the biggest thing is that I'm sure Nasa has the equipment to see these things a long time before they are close to hitting Earth.
I don't think someone knows when this world will end aside from god. no one knows when or how the world will end. Every now and then this kind of news keeps on being rumored and every time its always proven wrong.
It is quite sad that people just wake up one morning at a particular place and write news that will cause unrest around the globe which is really sad. It is nice that the American people did not believe such fake news and I am also happy that NASA has come out to deny such claims which laid to rest any panic some of the citizens in that part of the region must have been under since the fake news broke out.

I continue to tell people that the world would never come to an end because as we never know when the world came into existence, we have no power to predict when the world would come to an end as well. I do not blink an eye whenever these fake news about when the world will end flies around.

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