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Do you believe in the existence of Afterlife?
Yes, I believe in an afterlife, but what form that takes I am really not sure. I think all the religions may have a piece of the truth, but I guess we will find out after we die. One thing that is interesting is that Christians or Christian countries tend to see heaven when they die whereas those from other religions see something a bit different. I just hope I don't end up in Hell! That kind of scares me.!
Afterlife is real, as well as heaven and hell.  Because our body is composed of both flesh and spirit.  When we die, the mortal body was deteriorated but not the spirit and the bible was clear on Hebrews 9:27 " Just as people are destined to die once and after that to face judgment" meaning when we die there are only two destination either heaven or hell, no in between, no purgatory, this is why while the person is still alive and breathing, pray to that person that he will be saved because when he died it will be too late.  No one can also be saved by just doing good.  Ephesians 2:8 "  For it by grace that you have been saved, through faith and this is not from yourselves, so that no one can boast".  Also if you are wondering the exact locations of heaven or hell, no one knows, even Scientists, only God knows for his thoughts are higher than our thoughts.  We live by faith and not by sight.
I believed everything do exist, from alien to God. When you think about it, all thing will be possible, only under certain condition where all thought meet at once. I pray to God always, it is called faith, at the same time, I believed God design me according to my purpose, which also the same to you, all of us have purpose.
Why afterlife was designed? because it's the reward to good people. Here on earth, all are just temporary, everything we feel, everything we did will just pass. I believed to God, who created of everything.
Yes! I do believe that heaven and hell exist and life is just a test. Its a test whether you go to heaven or go to hell. Thats my opinion and we'll only find out whats true when everyone of us die.
It is too good to be true if ever afterlife exists, especially if we base almost everything on scientific facts. I am a religious person and I have faith in what lies after death. Thinking about death as the end of everything is very saddening and maybe this is why some people thought that the idea of afterlife is wishful thinking. We cannot assume that experiences of people seeing the gates of heaven could be real but it is for us to experience what lies after death.
I don't believe in an Afterlife as it's recognized by Abrahamic religions. I think the idea of Heaven and Hell is a farce created by religious leaders to maintain order of the masses. They create arbitrary rules claimed to be from a higher being and threaten eternal damnation if those rules aren't followed? Seems pretty iffy to me. Questioning what happens after death has been at the forefront of human thought since the beginning of time and all cultures had their own ideas, so who's to say the Hell and Heaven model is even correct?

Personally, I prefer the idea of reincarnation. A true afterlife just seems depressing to me - that you only get one chance at life and if you screw up... well that's it. Even better, maybe you get a choice. Perhaps the afterlife is like a waiting area and once you've been reunited with your loved ones and grow bored of the monotony of death, you can make the choice to start again in a new body with a new life. I kind of doubt that's the reality of it, but it's nice to imagine.
Yes, I do believe in the afterlife. I do believe there's a heaven, I'm not so sure about hell. I even belive in reincarnation, if we choose to do it. I don't know. I'm very flexible with matters of religion and spirituality. Science has proof the spirit is real so where does that spirit go when we die?...  Also I believe, thinking there's an afterlife is the most positive way to approach death.
Yes i belive in afterlife but i for me our afterlife is in heaven because there is no other place we go after our life but in gods place called heaven
There's no actual evidence anywhere for an afterlife and even claims of near-death experiences have more plausible, mundane explanations that don't require the existence of an afterlife or to assert the accuracy of any religion to explain.

I don't personally believe in an afterlife either. This is all we get. For some, that's wonderful. For others, it's acceptable. For the unfortunate great majority of humanity, it's a tragedy. But it is what it is, and we have to utilize every moment we get to our advantage, for a long life is never a guarantee.
I believe that there is life after death judging by things that happen around us where you see ghost stories being told and things like that. People die and there is a place their soul goes to, that is for persons that believe in the existence of the soul, and that place may either be heaven or hell. Although as a living being, I cannot say categorically that it is true that heaven and hell exist, but watching from what religion teaches us, it seems quite true that such places exist.

Also, the main aim of every being on earth shouldn't  be whether he/she makes heaven, but to do good to one another while still on earth, so when that when death comes, the ones left behind will say good things about a fulfilled life you lived.

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