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Do you believe in the existence of Afterlife?
First of all, right now with the information we have it's just a believes topic. You can believe or not. Science didn't proved the existence of afterlife and also science could not refute this believe.

Personally I'm a strong believer of the life after death. Not sure if there's another life or reincarnation. 

Science didn't prove the existence of the afterlife, though there's very interesting investigations.
  • Some studies detected brain activity 10 minutes after death.
  • There's many testimonials of people who were almost dead (I know that almost is not enough but it's pretty close) have out of the body experiences. Some of them see their life and then they see their family. There's a case where a man tells that he saw a house. Inside that house were all the people he loved and had lost. He tried to get inside the house, but he got stopped by one of the family members outside and said to him: It's not your time yet. We will be here waiting for you.After that the man wakes up on the hospital bed.
  • There's another testimonial I remember which catched my attention. After an accident a man arrives to the hospital, unconscious. There's a nurse who takes his glasses off and puts them in a drawer. The medics are able to get him back after the cardiac arrest. The man wakes up very angry blaming all of them, because he was on a better place. He is able to tell where are his glasses and who took the glases from him.
  • Some months ago I was listening on one of my favourites podcasts the case of a little boy, who told their parents that he was a reincarnation of a man who was murdered. The boy was able to find the murderer and the dead body.

These testimonials doesn't proove anything. But belivers gonna believe.
Yes. I believe there is because even scientist believe we have souls. Which mean when our soul leaves our body there is somewhere it might go. Either reincarnation is true or the heaven. Though i don't believe in hell. I think the world we live in is what we call hell. Cause god put us here for a test, to teach us about life. And i don't believe god will take away our life if it's not yet our time. It's just my opinion. For me i just live my life the way i want it without hurting or stepping on other people. I just know i must obey his rules. So whatever happens after i die. I don't want to worry about it.
I actually write a lot on this topic but mainly reincarnation, and while it does exist I accept many will not believe in it and trying to convince them can be futile. I am of the belief that they naysayers will discover in their own time and way that it does exist.

A human is made up of a body that will die because physically the body can only last so long. The Soul inside however is eternal and thus that is what is considered the afterlife, that the Soul will continue its journey as the incarnation was another opportunity for soul lessons and growth.

I often find people don't wish to believe in this because they don't want to feel responsible for their actions. To admit to an afterlife means that Karma may exist and that any bad deeds they have chosen to carry out will have to be repaid somehow. People may have past life recall, with people or places as a trigger. This is usually when someone feels they have been somewhere before or has met someone before. That's why some feel more comfortable around certain people or in particular places, it's because they are familar and feel secure.

Ultimately, acknowledging the existence of an afterlife means a person should act responsibily but not through fear. People make mistakes, and that is how we all learn.
If there is an afterlife, I hope I don't encounter it. Being conscious is wonderful, but I'd say it's indescribably painful in the odd moments I receive a moment of exaggerated clarity. I guess my issue with consciousness has to do with constant cognitive and sensory processing. On a more abstract scale, I hate the material constructs that determine the quality of existing as a person. Things like constantly having to place an economic value on my time and my labor take a toll on me in terms of existing as a commodity under hostile sociopolitical systems, in an increasingly dysregulated natural environment. This is to say that I hope the afterlife is nothing like being an actual person. I want to see what's beyond this life, but if the afterlife is something like reincarnation, or the consciousness-dependent afterlife of Abrahamic religions, then I want to be counted out. I'm not interested in arbitrary judgment from gods I never asked for.
Not only I believe in it but I long for it. I believe that this life is a mere experience. An earthly experience so spiritual beings can grow and learn. It's such a broken world, filled with sadness and disgust. But it has a purpose. So we can learn and evolve. In that sense believing in an afterlife makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?
Yes I do believe in the Afterlife, it's very obvious to me that life or living doesn't end here on earth. Even Christian doctrines are of the view of Afterlife in either Heaven or Hell fire.

It's even why most Christians strive to lead a good life so that they end up in hell fire. They believe in doing good to be in good relationship with God in order to earn his favor and be in his paradise when they die.

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