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Movies mentioning conspiracy theories?
Just wait for 2 or more days as the movie of the event of 9/11 is going to be released in US.The movie revolves around five people who are stuck in an elevator of the twin towers.They collaborate with each other and successfully come out before the building collapses to rubbles.
Well of course JFK is the first movie that comes to mind in a topic like this - that movie is one of Oliver Stone's best pic (and it's a lot saying!) and I think the theme is explored quite well.

Or, if we want to go on some classic sci-fi movies, I think that Invasion of the Body Snatchers (from the fifties!) deserve a mention. It's not about a conspiracy theory of the most popular nowadays, but back then there was a lot of fear that aliens were already around us, depriving us of our emotions. Maybe it's still actually popular today, but I haven't seen much about it. 

But the best one, which is just a good movie on its own, a amazing satire, and can fit well in the "conspiracy theory" movies trope, is They Live. Is... how can I describe it without spoiler? I'll just say that with some special glasses the protagonist see that some people are something to hide, and they are not what they seem. Trust me, watcht this movie. You won't regret it.
Nice post, seeing this comments about conspiracy theories presented in movies are an added information for me. I like to watch them all. The movie about JFK, 9/11 documentaries, and many more. I will wait for more post about this topic.

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