Poll: What do you think best explains the alien abduction phenomenon?
It's just cooky people making it up for attention.
It's Illuminati members using memory manipulation.
It's just sleep paralysis.
I'm not saying it's aliens...but it's aliens.
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Do you think alien abduction is real?
I have always been fascinated by the mythology surrounding alien abductions. It's such a sinister tale! You are awoken in the middle of the night as strange forms surround you. You cannot escape, and usually cannot even cry out for help. Somehow you are transported from your bed and taken aboard a fantastic vessel for strange experimentation.

There are several proposed theories to what all of this is about. Some think it's sleep paralysis which would explain why you cannot move. There are people who report seeing horrible entities when they're in that half-dreaming state of quasi-consciousness. Other people think the alien them is some kind of memory manipulation to cover up the fact that it's an Illuminati operation to perform genetic experiments on you. It's easy to dismiss the "crazy" person who thought he saw aliens, isn't it? Still others think that it's really extra terrestrial visitors. 

What do you all think about this? Is it a hoax, or the real deal?
All of these is still in a big question we cant identify the truth because no one can show that they already talk to the alien using videos or even brodcasting it to the whole world its still a Mystery but most of the people never give up on finding a truth behind of all of this mystery. Some of the people making talk just to prove that the alien is true and they have some activities that they did but in end it still a big wuestion because of unbelievable testimony.
This is a tough question and one that I am still not sure I have the answer to for myself. There is a lot evidence, through hypnosis therapy, that people have actually undergone this phenomena. Their experiences are so similar that it is uncanny. However, could there be some sort of cultural mass hallucinaiton going on. If so, how could this happen in the subconscious of so many people who have never met or known one another but tend to have the same experiences with abduction? I can't imagine if this happened to me--I would hope that I was just hallucinating, or even going mad, because the alternative, being abducted and experimented upon by evil or harsh alien beings is so much more worse than the psychological nightmare being the only explanation.
I believed it was the same human who did all of it. Because, when you think about it, after the World War II, Hitler invented some sort of flying disc captured by ally forces, after that, the alien manifestation begun. There was an documentary also i had watch that, Hitler himself captured some spaceship of aliens. So, after the captivity of the alien, Hitler begun to reverse engineer the ship. Others said it was inspired by the work of Tesla which why Nazi commit to build themselves.
In 1970's, there so many alien activity occurs, but abduction, for me was not convincing.
I think it's not alien or any form of supersticious beings. I heard about this and searched the net after. If I remember correctly, sleep paralysis is caused by the constant change and habit of sleeping and unregulated hours. Most people that suffer from these are those who are always stressed and lack of sleep probably due to work and excessive thinking. Stress is the main primary reason of sleep paralysis so they say. Unless there is a solid explanation and proof that it's caused by alien or whatsoever, then it's also a myth at the end of the day.
Its a conspiracy of the goverment long time ago claiming that there is alien and such but they always cover it up, there are witnesses claiming they are abducted by the alien but they are also taken back to earth, its unbelievable beacause there is no evidence whatsoever beside their stories. It is hard to prove. Maybe someday if it is not considered anymore as a conspiracy but a fact, i will believe it.
I don't think this is real. Honestly I believe in aliens but why in the world they would like to experiment with us? why would they come here? if they have so much technologies why not just blend in? I don't think we even realize that. Those are just attention seekers who want a shot in the spotlight , that's it.
I never discount a person's feelings and in most cases always trust what someone states has happened to them.  In the case of alien abductions, I am leaning towards the side that does not believe it has occurred.  I have never put much stock in the existence of extra terrestrial beings and sincerely feel that we are the only ones on earth.  The subjects in the documented cases may have been sleep deprived combined with mental illness.  In the case of the Hills, they could have been drugged by unknown assailants or may have been doing drugs together. It also is ironic that the Hills were an interacial couple travelling together in the 1960s. The aliens were described as wearing glossy black uniforms and black caps.  It sounds like those were police uniforms and that is a conspiracy within itself.  There are many plausible reasons why various alleged victims were under the assumption that they were taken hostage by other life forms.  We will never know definitively until an alien is captured and is able to be examined.
It's just sleep paralysis or psychological distress. In ancient Japan, sufferers saw blue demons who would jump on their bodies and terrorize them. It's always been a thing for people throughout human history. 

I don't even believe aliens exist in the universe at all.
I think this has to do with personal experiences by people and as you know people may even decide to cook up stories just to prove they've got some special powers to see things, experience things as well as being in a state that others can't be. I respect whatever others think about alien abduction, but maybe I am one of those that think such things does not exist.

Maybe when I will have such experiences, I will come to believe in its existence, but for the time being, I see those stories as unreal.

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