Poll: What do you think best explains the alien abduction phenomenon?
It's just cooky people making it up for attention.
It's Illuminati members using memory manipulation.
It's just sleep paralysis.
I'm not saying it's aliens...but it's aliens.
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Do you think alien abduction is real?
Maybe it's only fiction. For all the apparition and incident of alien sightings there are no concrete evidence and statements that cavalidate the said phenomenons. For now it is only theories. Unvalidated informations that is needed to have accurate proofs in able to be facts. Universe is unbounded so no one can say that we are the only creature living in it. We just need a valid evidence to believe that they do exist.
 I believe there is life somewhere else out there because why only us and only on earth ? Why would we be the only ones? I've seen a few strange things in the sky in my life so yea I believe 
Those alien abductions has risen because of the people who experienced them. I can't literally say that aliens do exist but I still doubt their existence. We are in the vast universe. We don't know what holds the black hole. I didn't voted in the polls because I believe that there are more beyond reasons why this happens. Maybe someday we'll uncover that. Maybe someday we'll know the truth.
I think that the stories of alien ubduction are interesting and fun to talk about at sleepovers, but beyond that I don't think that they're real.  It would be terrifying if it actually happened, I can't imagine going through something like that (or even just believing that something similar has happened to you).  Even the situation you described sent chills down my spine!

[font]I think that sleep paralysis explains it for the most part.  I mean we know that sleep paralysis exists and is similar to the experiences that "abducted" people have, so it follows that this may happen to people.  This would leave most people very confused.  I think that if aliens are smart enough to abduct people, they would be smart enough to leave us in the dark and make sure that we wouldn't remember anything.  [/font]

I don't think that it's the real deal, but I don't know if it's a hoax either.  Some people surely are lying on purpose, but others may be confused.  
I think it a hoax,it can't be true. there are some things that sounds strange and silly and this is one of them.I will never believe this.I think humans would abduct Aliens.
I have just watched history ancient aliens. And alien abduction is one of the topics. There are people claiming about this. And it's really hard to tell if it's true or it's just their dream or imagination. Or they just invented those story. But when you watched it and see those things they have investigated about possible alien existence it is even harder to judge. Questions create more questions. But it's amazing. Hearing their stories is fascinating. But maybe we will be able to believe it wholeheartedly if we experience it ourselves or if they we're able to show hard evidence like showing a real alien. Smile
As a little kid, I always day dream that alien would abduct me and bring me to their world. But there's a catch, they should look like a high breed human; extra good looking, talented, smart, and have real super powers. Funny, I know. In reality, I don't believe on alien abduction. It's an interesting topic as it hypes people like me who loves this kind of topic. For real though, not unless a certain proof that alien do exist and they do abduct human, then that will be the time I will believe it. As much as I would love to believe their existence, I just know for myself they don't exist at all.
I don't know if you guys watch Ancient Aliens, but I think these Abductions are real based on what I saw on the videos. I don't think that those videos are fake because even National geographic has some proof that aliens exist and that they abduct people from earth to study humans. Yes, there are a lot of people doing fake videos or spreading fake information just to get your attention and thats a given but that doesn't happen only to aliens.
I will never say 100% that they are not true. You never know. How many times have there been things that we have not believed and then it has come true or was true. The problem with a lot of people is that if they don't believe in something, they just disregard other people because they think they are crazy. I doubt alien abductions have happened though but I will never be 100% sure of that. I just don't think that aliens have ever visited us or even know that we are here. It might happen in the future but I doubt there have ever been any alien abductions. The problem is, even if you manage to get a picture nowadays of some sort of abduction, people will always be reluctant to believe you.

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