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Weekly Topic: Out-of-place Artifact
08/28-09/04 Weekly Discussion Topic
Out-of-place Artifacts
What is an out-of-place artifact (OOPArt) ?
An out-of-place artifact (OOPArt) is an artifact of historical, archaeological, or paleontological interest found in an unusual context, that challenges conventional historical chronology by being "too advanced" for the level of civilization that existed at the time, or showing "human presence" before humans were known to exist.

 [Image: 1503930123_T7XbRtFVz07lXfH.jpg]
Antikythera mechanism:
its clockwork-like appearance, dating to about 1,000 years before clocks were invented. Its design and workmanship reflect previously unknown degree of sophistication.

[Image: 1503930299_TfAZc8pzs3BWtOq.jpg]
 Baghdad Battery:
Vase and rods made in Parthian or Sassanid Persia. May have been used as a galvanic cell for electroplating, though no electroplated artifacts from this era have ever been found.

[Image: 1503930519_uBVpBlpqKSurvJN.png]
Kingoodie Hammer:
An object resembling with the characteristics of a corroded iron hammer found in a block of Devonian sandstone in 1844 in Kingoodie, Scotland.

[Image: 1503930756_nEQCJk9bMOJPaXc.jpg]
Quimbaya airplanes:
Golden objects found in Colombia and made by Quimbaya Civilication culture around 1000CE, they are supposed to represent modern airplanes.

[Image: 1503930925_023ibvr48SV2Krt.jpg]
Small humanoid figurines made during the late Jomon period between 14,000-400 BCE, said to resemble extraterrestrial astronauts.

Feel free to discuss and add on to your favorite OOPArts
I truly love this topic. I have heard of most of these objects, through my own research and through a lot of TV and Youtube programs I frequent. It is obvious to me that so-called prehistoric man had much more technology than my generation, as a gen-X'er, was taught that he did. Mankind's sophistication has really been played down in order to support a certain academic, political, and scientific agenda, and I find that to be such a horrible crime against mankind in general. If we truly understand artifacts such as these, and figure out a way to understand their context in the cultures they are from, we have a chance to further understand ourselves as beings.
I think, most of them, resulted to a vast imagination of ancient human. They are more imaginative person about everything, especially to the surroundings. I love those ancient artifacts, because it is already considered a priceless artifact. Maybe, not all of them, experienced the same thing like others about alien visits. Who knows, maybe it's all true to the fact, it's a mixed cultured of inventions of lost technology of the past by human works.
The artifact plane of Egypt was quite interesting, because it accurately depicted, the plane itself which is phenomenal. Only time can tell, what is the truth behind those artifact.
This things are absolutely mind-boggling. I've researched about Nazca Lines, Pyramids of Egypt, Inca Civilizations, Lost City of Atlantis, Stonehenge and many more and I can't just get enough of it. There are so many evidences that proves that there are some other beings out there greater than us that has been helping humans build their humanity. These unknown creatures have helped the ancients to build mega structures, gave humans vast astronomical knowledge, and exposed complex medical operations. But Why? Why are they doing this? Why suddenly they disappeared when humans have become more concious about aliens and extra terrestrial being? Everyone wanted the truth but humans until now is still dying to know the truth.
It always a mystery for us on how did the ancients acquired those technologies.
If the discoverers of that artifacts really dated it accurately, too many history records had been lost or hidden from us.
Its like there was a time that humans already reached a more advanced age and then also loosed it all and started back again from nothing.
There is a real possibility that they had been visited from other life forms and shared their knowledge to humankind.. I just hope they are not the evil ones.   Angel
I've seen some article about archeologists found a miniaturized wrist watch and that miniaturized wrist watch was made so many years before the first wrist watch was made. Its so interesting how so many of this was. It makes me think that maybe time traveling was invented in the future.
I am definately a subscriber to the theory that we don't know as much as we think we know about our world or ancient cultues/civilizations. I think that out-of-pace artifacts, such as the ones exampled above, are just a small indication of how little we actually know. I've encountered some of the mentioned examples previously, through some books and articles I've read or TV shows I've watched. I recall that the first time I encountered some of these was over twenty years ago, while I was still in high school. It blew my mind when I first came across the information, yet it sill amazes me whenever we discover something new like this. Not only do we find artifacts that we can't explain based on our accepted theories of civilizations over time, but we also occasionaly discover civilization remnants themselves in areas where we never knew a civilization existed. I think the world has many mysteries yet for us to discover and we need to keep an open mind about the things we find. Ultimately, the only way to truly learn more is to realize and accept the fact that we don't know as much as we think we know.
Almost anything is possible! I find this type of phenomena fascinating! These are mysteries that I wished could be solved, but they most likely never will be. The Baigong Pipes in China are another example of OOPA. They were found in the caves of a mountain and on the shore of a nearby lake, and they are 150,000 years old. Weird, wild stuff.
I am always fascinated about ancient artifacts that somehow resembles modern technology or civilization. The type of technology we have now is considered impossible by the early humans, based on what we learned from school. This type of phenomena discovering such artifacts hidden from the past may not or prove that there are people who are highly advance to invent such things. Also, let us not close the idea that time travel might be a thing in the future and does do exist. There are a lot of things in this world that cannot be explained. Let alone the discovery of these artifacts.
It really makes you wonder doesn't it about the history of the world? I think history is pre historic times was hit and miss so that not everything that happened was dually recorded. However, it really makes you wonder if another species lived on earth before man. I am not one who believes this, but some of the things that have been discovered make you wonder.

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