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Weekly Topic: Out-of-place Artifact
I remember these thing being shown in the tv series History Ancient Aliens. So many ancient artifacts became a topic. Different artifacts from different country. It is really mind boggling to see those things that are made by our ancestors in the time that it looks impossible to be made. Specially those ancient construction involving a really advanced engineering knowledge before they can made it, the best example can be found mostly in egypt like the pyramid. Those huge rock that is used which is lined and carved perfectly that even engineers and architects now can't explain on how the ancient people we're able to make it. And those pyramids have replicas or identical pyramids are also seen in other countries. Which adds more question on how different countries we're able to have same construction in ancient times. Same goes with those artifacts that no one can explain how ancient people do that. If you have time you can watch it. It's really great but i'm sure more question will come to your mind after watching it. That maybe our ancestors are far more advance in technology than what we have now. And if it can be true that aliens gave our ancestors knowledge or help to do those things.
This isn't unusual anymore. I mean, this planet that we are living in is very old thus it is not shocking to see or hear any sort of news wherein an old artifact is found somewhere around the globe. This world of ours is full of mysteries and haven't probably explored or discovered half of it. Fossils from ancient creatures are starting to be discovered from all around the world specially on the ocean parts. It is truly majestic and sometimes it makes me wonder, how old is this planet really?
I love reading about and seeing things that involve artifacts. Trying to figure out just how an out of place artifact ended up somewhere is extremely interesting to me. These artifacts allow us to attempt to see a timeline for all of our existence. I would love to see what other artifacts are found that will allow us to work hard and discover their existence.
I'd have to say my favorite would be the Quimbaya airplanes since they look very similar to the modern airplanes we have today. Its amazing how one could foresee the designs of inventions that we'd be using thousands of year before it was actually invented. This somehow makes me think that perhaps there was some sort of time travel machine that allowed our ancestors to see what was created in their future. Very interesting! Cool
I think having knowledge about things like this can be exciting especially if you're that passionate about ancient things. I could recall about a year ago when I tried to know more about stuff like this by making research about the Lost City of Atlantis and I even watched the move made by it using a lead actor by name Hercules. I also read about the Pyramids of Egypt as well as the Stonehenge. Reading and watching movies made on these things showed that there are many things about the world we live in that we can't really comprehend no matter how we try to analyze them.

Aliens and astronomical things have made us see that as long as we live in this world, there are beings that are humans that exist around us which we may not really understand how it/they all came about.
There's a lot of things in this world that is hard to understand or believe. Discovering these artifacts make us wonder if time travelling do exist or there are people from the past who are really highly advance, and intelligent enough to invent these things on their era. In our generation, we may not answer it yet, but I believe people in the future with more advance technology will somehow how understand this phenomenon.

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