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Earth Depopulation Theory
I recently came across this theory from the internet. They said, feminism is being penetrated into the nations across the world. And the aim of this type of feminism is emasculation and depopulation of the planet. As you can see we have the results of this type of actions already. Here the feminism has managed to create the propaganda where men are being hated a lot. And this has changed the world where the women are replacing men on everything. And they are increasing the chances of population reduction in due process. I am pretty much convinced there is some weight to this theory. 

Do you think this theory holds true or is there something going on along the lines?
Wow, quite interesting about the theory. I think it was only, woman want fair respect to man. Because, most of the company today, especially the old ones, discriminate the woman. Maybe, it's just another conspiracy threory created out of paranoia. I don't know why do such thing which in fact, they are the one multiply us here on earth, without females, humans don't have an ideal, and cultural reproduction. I also don't like the idea about feminism, because it spread too much hate to the symbol of birth which are the women.
May we know where exactly did you find it? I mean, you should've also shared the source to us, like a link or something. Smile Anyway, how would you exactly justify that theory that women are causing depopulation? I mean, they are the ones who are giving birth and causing population increase. Would it be okay to them if they don't give birth anymore? Lol. Feminism is way far different from depopulation in any way, in my opinion. I could be wrong though.
I thought that feminism only intended equality for genders but seeing as how many of them are hostile to people that do not have the same ideals prove otherwise. Their actions make it seem like they do not want people of other genders to coexist with them. They want a society ruled by women, only for women. It is a viable theory that the underlying purpose for their movement is the depopulation of earth.
Men have dominated the world until recent times. I think the only thing that feminism does is to try to make men and women equal under the law. It is simply one of the ways that men and women can become more equal. Women still don't make as much as men for the same job in some cases, which is not right.
Actually, the Earth depopulating isn't a bad thing - mainly because there isn't enough food for an expanding population.  However, though, it's mostly been happening in industrialized nations, leaving the rest of the world at a normal or above normal growth.  This fact is fuel for a lot of hate groups who claim the people "they claim to represent" are being under attack.  However, of course, I'm against racism, but I do think the population needs to be reduced worldwide - because we simply don't have the resources.

Anyway, I don't think population reduction has anything to do with emasculation.  It's simply a society becoming more modern, giving more rights and opportunities to women.  However, though, there is a "man hating" movement in industrialized nations.  It's basically where women's rights go "too far" and becomes abusive.  For instance, women might falsely accuse guys of rape when, obviously, the women were engaging in loose behavior.
I don't really think that this theory is legit, because every person of average intelligence, knows that modern feminists are crazy and no one would play according to their rules. Men are still dominating the bigger part of the population and it's probably going to be that way for some time, at least in bigger countries. Of course the theory is interesting and everything, however it cannot be accomplished.
I'm critical towards third-wave feminism, but the idea that it's a conspiracy meant to depopulate the planet is pretty far-fetched - especially when there are a number of more effective methods. The most extreme version would be introducing a new plague into the world. That could easily wipe out a good chunk of the population if it's not properly dealt with. You could probably even create a virus that won't kill the infected but instead make them sterile. There are plenty of other methods as well. Depopulation is not hard to accomplish and relying on a political group to get it done just isn't going to be effective at all.

Furthermore, this brand of feminism is really only penetrating western countries, so is this theory suggesting our own goverments are trying to depopulate (a poor idea when Asia already hold a majority of the world's population and China is a rival of the U.S. and other western nations) their countries or that we're being infiltrated by foreign propaganda pushing the "feminist agenda"? I just can't see either scenario playing out. If The U.S. or another western nation wanted to depopulate, they would probably do so in another country and not to their own people and, as I said before, it's not an effective method.
I'm one of those people who hate third-wave feminism and I think they have ruined everything feminism used to stand for. Women who fought to have equal rights in the past are probably rolling in their graves at what this new type of feminism is doing. 

That being said, while I like this kind of theories, this one wouldn't really work because it doesn't make sense if you stop and think about it. The way these feminazis act, they look like they'd want to keep men around as their slaves. The propaganda is also making you believe feminism is so strong, but outside the US there are only a few people who would act the way they act.. I've only met a couple in my entire life here in Italy.
I think you're wrong, in my opinion, to assume that feminism is a move to make women hate men so much and the end result being depopulation happening. As far as I know, unless some social media users that have abused the word 'feminism', the crusade of feminism is all about giving rights to women and ensuring that the rights of those ladies are protected.

There have been cases of husbands maltreating their wives, families has preferential treatment for the male children while the female ones are left to face what the future brings and other disgusting stories like if you're a man and you don't have a male child, then your stay as a man is irrelevant considering that the female child will marry off leaving you with no one to continue on your lineage. Those stories were one of the reasons feminism started and I commend the Crusaders of those rational moves.

However, I feel that has been abused so much on the social media where heartbroken women from failed relationships now preach the wrong thing about feminism.

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