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Earth Depopulation Theory
It is only theory. Basically, this topic needs to be validated by concrete evidence and explanations. But on my opinion, feminism is not a cause of depopulation. It is true that the females dominated the population authenticated based on statistical reports but it's not true that it's a way of depopulating. We have our own perceptions we just have to respect their statements for consideration.
(08-28-2017, 12:15 PM)Fyrend Wrote: May we know where exactly did you find it? I mean, you should've also shared the source to us, like a link or something. Smile Anyway, how would you exactly justify that theory that women are causing depopulation? I mean, they are the ones who are giving birth and causing population increase. Would it be okay to them if they don't give birth anymore? Lol. Feminism is way far different from depopulation in any way, in my opinion. I could be wrong though.
I have not yet heard of this theory, but I have heard some pretty radical podcasters talking about how the media is trying to make men more effeminate so that we breed less. I have also heard many conspiracy theories about government depopulation plans that are pretty sinister. Like I said, I have not encountered this particular feminism theory; I believe in civil rights and the equal rights for women. Tht being said, I have heard theories about contrails, carcinogens in our foods, planned disaster and weather control, radiation treatments on populaitons, manucfactured disease and several other means by which our government is slowly trying to weed out the population of the so-called "useless" breeders.
I think the people are forgetting a lot of factors here. UN is supporting the feminism. UN is asking the government around the world to employ women despite they not having the credibility and talent for many position. Yet women choose not to be part of the army and other defense agencies. That's not all the amount of women getting hired on white collar job and not providing the result tells you that there is no such thing as equiality but more of quota system designed for the sake of it. 

Another thing is that lot of women being single and not having kids reduces the population as it is. That's the theory behind it. Making men act like women and accepting more than 100 different type of imaginary genders. This is what goes to add up to the theory. And that's what I am thinking too.
It is actually realistic idea since the are a lot of people in the world. I think that the idea of family planning where families can only have 1-2 children, or using contraceptive things should be implemented and maybe make it a law where there are certain punishment to the people who doesn't follow the law. But if we will be able to use the other planets to live in well we dont need any kind of law about decreasing the amount of people in the world.
I do agree with you.What feminism seek to propagate is equality of humans both male and females should be given equal opportunity. I see you see them taking over or depopulating the earth.
I disagree, I don't think that the women try to replace us in the world, it just tries to find their place in the world, and that is their right. It is true that sometimes some women push things too far but there is no concern that is increasing the chances of population reduction in due process.
While I agree with anyone who thinks modern feminism has gone completely off the rails, claiming it's some manner of depopulation attempt is just lunacy. No ideology can possibly interfere with the human sex drive that effectively. Christianity has waged a war on human sexuality since its inception, going as far as to torture people at one point for perceived crimes against god of a sexual nature. It failed, utterly, to control the human libido. You think a force as marginal and laughable as modern 3rd wave feminism has any hope at all?
I don't think the idea of feminism is to depopulate the world. In fact that is ridiculous. Women are the bedrock of population.

This third-wave feminism is a huge diversion from the ideal motion behind feminism. Feminists believe that women should be given equal opportunities as men in all ramifications.

Now this new wave of feminism is bringing wrong impression about what feminism really stands for

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